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Want access to a Forex MAM account that consistently averages 5.13% monthly returns?

*** Past performance is no guarantee of future results


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Real-time auditing processes and verified results »»»



We're providing our clients an opportunity to access trading strategies on worlds foreign exchange markets. We invest client funds with an elite team of experienced managers, all of whom have undergone our comprehensive and exhaustive eight-phase due diligence process.

We only charge a 20% performance fee on profits generated.

Got questions? Our account managers are on standby to walk you through any part of the process.



How a PAMM Account Works

The PAMM software allows the managers MT4 account to be assigned as Master Account and client accounts which are handled by the manager to be recognized as follower accounts with the total sum of trusted money treated as a whole and traded by the Managers Master Account.

The manager keeps on trading on his PAMM account using both their personal capital and the funds of their investors. The better the manager's trading results the better their position in the Ratings

If the manager earns profit the amount of funds on the PAMM account increases and the profit is distributed between the manager and the investors based on the amount of their initial investments

In our example the profit made 200% and the balance of the account has risen to 1,500 USD.

The investors pay the manager some part of their profit in compensation. The size of the compensation is specified by the manager in his Proposal and depends on the amount of invested funds.

In our example manager's compensation makes 20% of the investors' profit

  • Minimum Investment $10,000 (USD, EUR, AUD)
  • GlobalPrime ASIC regulated broker
  • No setup fee
  • No management fee
  • No exit fee
  • Withdraw funds at regular intervals
  • Performance fee 20%
  • ① To start trading with us, you must first complete an brokerage account up at GlobalPrime, then send in the required pieces of support documentation (ID, Passport, Bill etc.) to broker to verify your application.

    For any assistance on your having your account opened at GlobalPrime, you can always contact their live support here.

    ② Once your application is approved, you simply need to open new account from your GlobalPrime Client Panel. Your new account should be approved within 24 hours.

    ③ After your account have been approved and created, you must fill and complete the appropriate LPOA.

    ④ After your accounts have been approved, you will be provided with wire transfer instructions to be able to fund your account. Once your account is funded, you are then ready to begin trading with us.

    Should you have any questions or concerns in completing this application, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.



ASIC Regulated

Your Funds Protected By ASIC Compliant Infrastructure

Segregated Client Funds

Funds are held in trust at one of Australia's largest banks, NAB.

No hidden fees

No lock-in periods, entry, exit or annual management fees


Real-time auditing processes and verified results